Following a fire in the Engineering Building yesterday, newly-inagurated Rockettopia Institute of Technology president Dave officially requested that engineering students test their 'Arson-bot' prototype "somewhere else, please, anywhere else". The fire, which was not serious but did necessitate the evacuation of the Engineering Building for much of Thrusday afternoon, was attributed to an 'accident' in one of the enginnering labs - thankfully, not the one filled with dry hay, enormous amounts of paper, rusty drums of gasoline, various spare fireworks, jet fuel, and war surplus munitions.

In light of this close call, president Dave officially requested that enginnering students relocate the tests of their current flagship project, the 'arson-bot'. "Please, for the love of God, take it somewhere else," Dave said in his request. "Do the tests somewhere that doesn't matter, like one of the many abandoned buildings in the city. Or the Liberal Arts building. Please, just keep it away from the important stuff." This request echoes a similar request from the previous president that the College of Science students store their brain-eating amoeba samples somewhere other than the on-campus daycare center.

At the conclusion of his statement, Dave was heard to quietly mutter "What is this place? Does this kind of shit happen all the time here?"

Tests of the Enginnering Department's other main project, the 'Rusty Nails And Broken Glass Bot' is scheduled for next week in the zepplin research lab.