Following protests and condemnation, Audacity College's president Johnathan McDonald canceled Spirit Week's "Disney Caricature" event today. The plan was to have volunteer student artists draw caricatures of interested students in the fireside lounge, but the event drew the ire of professors claiming to represent the princess community. Calling the event "Cultural appropriation" and "Blackface in tiara form", the outraged faculty demanded that president cancel the caricature event, which he did. We attempted to contact various famous princesses from around the world, but of those who responded to our emails, not a single one had heard of Audacity College or objected in any way to the caricature event. According to Kate Middleton, the event "sounds like a lot of fun" and the cancellation was "quite silly". When confronted with this evidence, the protesting faculty called Middleton the "Rachel Dolezal of princesses" and pointed out that she was born a commoner and is still actually not a princess at all but the 'Duchess of Cambridge'. They then called for Middleton to retract her "politically incorrect" statement and resign from something, although no one's yet figured out what. The rest of Spirit Week is scheduled to continue as planned.

In a big victory for Audacity today, the ghosts who yesterday rose from the dead and demanded to be given control of the college for Spirit Week have agreed to return to their graves. This came after a night of tense negotiations, which were resolved when the ghosts agreed to leave this mortal coil in exchange for certain unspecified concessions. In related news, a live demonstration of the life of Calvin Coolidge, who was apparently a US President and was married in Rockettopia, will be taking place on Saturday at Coolidge House. A spokesman for the Audacity College administration told reporters that the mass arrival of students wielding proton packs was unrelated to the ghost treaty.

The Weeping Angels have been contained to Lyman Hall by a round-the-clock vigil of watchers. Good job, watchers, keep it up! And remember, DON'T BLINK. A long-term solution to the angel situation is currently in the works, but in the mean time, any students who still need to fulfill the community service portion of the LEAD requirement are encouraged to report to Lyman Hall to assist in the containment. All students will also be required to attend an Alien Life-Form Safety seminar at some point over the next week.