Following Autism Awareness day yesterday, the global Autism hate advocacy group Autism Speaks has finally acquisced to pressure and changed its name to 'Autism Parents Bitch'. Autism Speaks has been widely criticized by actual autistic people for being a bunch of parents trying to 'fix' their children. To be fair, these criticisms are a completely accurate description of Autism Speaks, which is probably one of the few charities that seems to genuinely hate its victims benificiaries. The most major instance of Autism Speaks taking flak was in 2009, when they created a video entitled 'I Am Autism', which looks less like a PSA than a cheap fearmongering youtube video produced by a eugenics group - which when I think about it is exactly what it is (They've since purged the video from the internet, so you'll have to take my word for it). Autism Speaks has also recieved well-deserved loathing criticism for their early advocacy of the completely discredited pile of festering horseshit idea that vaccines somehow cause autism, and the implicit suggestion that autism is a fate worse than death. Autism Speaks is also notable for not having a single actual autistic person on their board of directors. They did once have John Elder Robinson, the autistic author of Look Me In the Eye and other books, but he resigned in 2013 after realizing that he was helping to direct a hate group. Autism Speaks has been most widely criticized for their research into a 'cure' for autism, apparently not realizing that we already know how to remove a person's personality; it's called a lobotomy, and we stopped doing them for a reason.

After all this, it almost makes sense that Autism Speaks has opted to change their name. "We now recognize that actual autistic people have spoken, and they want us to shut the fuck up.", Autism Speaks founder Suzanne Wright told News from Rockettopia. "It's time for us to agknowlege what we really are: a mob of parents who see our children as 'broken' and in need of 'fixing', rather than accepting who they are." Wright shrugged. "If our kids were gay, we'd probably force them to undergo conversion therapy."

Autism Speaks has also released a statement that this epiphany will not in any way carry over to future articles about Autism Speaks.