In response to a spreading rumor that a collection of Baboons is correctly called a congress, the BaboUN, the spokesgroup for Baboons as a species, issued a statement condemning the concept.

"A group of Baboons is correctly called a 'troop', not a 'congress' [Source: Politfact]. But that is beside the point. Our real issue is the insulting comparison that has been drawn between ourselves and the United States Government. While we Baboons are well known for biting one another, howling at one another, and extreme feats of mysogeny, our species has never done anything to deserve the offensive label of 'congress'. Sure, we have our issues; everyone does! But just try to find a record of a Baboon tweeting his crotch to a woman across the country, or fillibustering his own bill, or claiming rape is the will of God, or listening to Paul Ryan. We are a distinguished species, and we will not tolorate this comparison. Please retract these statements, or we be will be forced to unleash upon you a devastating barrage of s**t, which, remember, is still cleaner than most of what congress says. And remember, unlike Congress, we are working to improve our reputation."