With the day of the Iowa Caucus approaching, the nation's so-called 'Bernie Bros' have reportedly awoken and are already composing their tirades, which they plan to post to reddit in case Hillary wins the caucus. Bernie Bro and GamerGate veteran Trey Stephens told News from Rockettopia, "I spent breakfast trying to decide just how explicitly misogynist to make my rant. Should I just accuse her of playing the 'woman card'? Or should I go all-out and call her a bitch? I can't quite decide."

Another Bro was more certain about his views on Hillary's status as a women, but wasn't sure yet who to blame a potential Hillary win on. "I'm trying to decide between Jews and Feminazis. I might also go for some gibberish about the PC Police," the man, who hadn't heard of Hillary Clinton until six months ago, told News from Rockettopia. "I might just go with something generic about the 'establishment'."

When reached for comment, Sanders 2016 campaign manager Jeff Weaver told News from Rockettopia, "Shit - they know the caucus is today? Hopefully they'll just rant about Hillary on the internet and not actually try to volunteer with the campaign. We really don't want to be seen in public with these assholes."

As of press time, six rants about Hillary Clinton have been posted online on two different websites, and we have at News from Rockettopia have somehow already received roughly two dozen vaguely threatening emails from various neckbeards.