A startling discovery made in the chorus room on Friday strongly suggests that the chorus is involved in some kind of satanic cult. The obvious response to that is "Yeah, that's not really news." However, this isn't just the normal occultism associated with chorus - this is an actual satanic cult document. The document, with its original capitalization and spelling, reads:

top Left I see eather the DeviL or a cow witch Looks Like it has a thirD
eye anD Fire in its mouth.
top right I see a Bilding on Fire anD spirits oF the DeaD that DieD in
the Bilding anD a guy eather calling something mayBe goD.
Bottom Left I see a guy DeaD mayBe impaLed By what Looks Like
an axe.
Bottom Right I see a guy that Looks Like hes tn a gontLet

The content raises many questions, most notably being "Am I reading this right?", "What the hell did I just read?", "Are you serious?" and "Does the chorus really have such bad spelling?". The answers to all these questions are "yes". Except for the third one; to answer that, start reading this article from the beginning.

There are two conclusions to draw about the content of this document, drugs and satanic rituals. However, we spoke the the Wicca club, which to be clear, has NO CONNECTION TO SATANISM, and they were able to straighten things out. "The note contains many details that suggest satanism as opposed to simple drug use. Not that we would know anything about satanism." The Wiccan coughed, and then continued, "The way that the lines are slanted indicates a different kind of altered state than one associated with drugs - this state is definitely satanic. Although of course I don't really know anything about satanism. Nope, nothing. Nada." The Wiccan then made some excuses and shuffled away from me.

Whatever the case, an investigation into the chorus' activities is definitely necessary. It's unclear when exactly the note was written - we only know that it was discovered during second-block strings period on Friday, January 16th 2015. For increased clarity I have scanned the note and posted the scan below, despite the chorus director's attempt to destroy it. The problem of the chorus' occult activity has to be dealt with before the Student Council Inquisition gets wind of it - their policy towards satanism is... perhaps a little harsh. I've already said too much. Chorus, if you're going to engage in devil-worship in school, please be more tacit about it.