Hundreds of citizens were removed from their normal accomidations and paraded around Rockettopia today in a carefully-planned "Drill", the purpose of which was simply to see if it could be done. Directly before the drill, citizens were instructed to cower silently in corners, supposedly to prepare for an attack by some unspecified "threat". After this was complete, the officials overseeing the facility ordered the citizens to be marched out of wherever they happened to be at the time and marched them to a predetermined location. Again, the citizens were ordered to be silent, and were hushed by officials if they dared to speak. Once the citizens arrived at the location, they were told to group up by their current occupation, so they could be counted. Ropes prevented citizens in different areas from speaking to one another.

On a hill above the crowded field, the leader of the community watched over the exercise. Although he, his staff, the officials, and the entire government are all from a minority group that makes up less than a fourteenth of the community, their fundumental right to rule is rarely questioned. The flag fluttered above him as the leader, along with his closest advisors, considered the skill to which the exercise was carried out.

Once the citizens were fully counted, and the officials had confirmed that no one was absent, the citizens were ordered to march back to their accomidations and continue with their previous tasks. Over the loudspeakers positioned throughout the facility, the leader informed the citizens that they had performed well, and that the time in which they had completed the drill was impressively low. Citizens continued with their days without questioning the drill or their leader.

I must give credit to my history teacher for pointing this out.