Just hours ago, Audacity College Campus Public Safety, or CPS, performed a surprise sweep of Bankus hall, looking for hidden alcohol, drugs, other drugs, still more drugs, and also alcohol. According to CPS chief Hank Mann, "This is totally going to work. We are going to go through Bankus Hall, find all the drugs that are there, and there will never be a drug problem at Bankus again." As of the time of this writing, Bankus Hall once again reeks of pot.

An update on the ongoing Weeping Angel crisis. The Angels are still contained in Lyman, but according to reports, the Department of Alien Studies is hard at work brainstorming solutions to the Angel problem. This has been confirmed by repeated paper airplanes that have flown out of the Alien Studies office, along with giggling and puffs of smoke. We at News from Rockettopia are getting somewhat impatient with the AS Department's glacial pace in dealing with the Weeping Angel issue.