After Pepsico released a commercial for Mountain Dew in which a goat is seen against a lineup of black men accused of assaulting an elderly white woman, the Internet exploded into outrage, prompting Pepsico to withdraw the commercial and apologize, as it very well should. However, one group is not satisfied with Pepsico's response: Goats. Nibbles, the head of the NAAGP (National Association for the Advancement of Goat Peoples) was that Pepsico thought it acceptable to portray goats as criminals, tweeting "Bleat maaa mehhhh baaa bleat bleeeaaat." Translated by the mysterious mountain man known as the 'Goat Whisperer', the tweet reads, "We here at the NAAGP are very disappointed in Pepsico! Shame on you!" Pepsico responded that they had intended no offence to goats through the ad. Nonetheless, Nibbles demanded a boycott of Mountain Dew before leaving to rush to her afternoon milking.