Following a worrying tweet on Tuesday, presidential candidate Jeb Bush checked Facebook to find numerous concerned messages from friends and family. Jeb found that his wife, father, and few remaining friends had sent messages along the lines of "Are you okay?" and "If you need to talk to someone, im there for u". The former governor has been in a bad place since being humiliated by real estate mogul and moldy prune impersonator Donald Trump in the Iowa Caucus. As Jeb continues to flounder in the presidential race, at one point actually begging an audience to applaud him his mental state has become more and more shaky, culminating in this tweet on Tuesday:

In hindsight, it's not surprising that Jeb is beginning to fall apart. Jeb has described himself as a "joyful tortoise" and said that "slow and steady wins the race" while carrying around a "pocket full of turtles". Jeb is now so desperate that he has pulled out all the stops and let his half-price war criminal brother George open for him.

Jeb, if you need to talk to someone, you can always call us.