When Joe Paterno died on January 22nd, 2012, the entire world immediately forgot what an asshole he was. People gathered to praise Paterno, instantly forgetting that he had been fired from Penn State only a few months before for covering up the fact that one of his assistants was a pedophile. As one Rockettopia football fan said, "It's so sad that such a great man had to die so soon. At least he lived a blame-free life. He was always so kind and generous! He would never let anyone, least of all a young person, come to harm. He..." It is not known what the football fan said next, as at this point the reporter was laughing so hard he could hardly breathe, let alone write.

The History club has pointed out that this has become a trend. Once someone dies, it becomes unacceptable to remind anyone of their many shortcomings. No one talks about John F. Kennedy's playboy lifestyle, how he was constantly sneaking women into the White House under his wife's nose. If anyone so much as hinted at the fact that Martin Luther King Jr. went to prostitutes, they would immediately be slammed as a racist. (Unless, of course, that person happened to be running for the Republican nomination, in which case the person who said it would become the frontrunner) The History club says that this is probably also true of Paterno.