Reality star Kim Kardashian, star of the hit reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians and four-time winner of coveted the Dumbest Twitter Fad award, responded yesterday to John Hamm's insult of her as a '[expletive] idiot' in a monosyllabic rant incomprehensible to all listeners over the age of twenty-five. Her speech began with the phrase: "You know how John Hamm called me an idi-ot yesterday? He was, like, so, like, off base. I'm not an idi-ot. That's like, so, like, mean, like, like, like. Like. I'm not stu-pid, like, like, not at all. " She went on like this for a total of over thirty minutes, never using a word with more than one syllable. Kim Kardashian has since gained 100,000 new twitter followers.

In related news, the Rockettopia High detective club has traced the missing quarterback to the southwest united states, most likely in the legendary Mojave desert.