Over the last few hours, the YikYak feed for University of Rockettopia has become dominated by posts expressing love for trees, for some reason, leading to concern among the Rockettopia tree comunity. As posts like "I may be a tree and still the sausage" have proliferated over the last few hours, local trees have expressed confusion. "[creaking wood] [rustling leaves] [subtilly different creaking wood] [whistling of wind]", a somewhat freaked-out local birch told News from Rockettopia. "[a series of sounds that cannot even be described]" A few trees have passed by mere concern and moved on to fear, noting that generally when University of Rockettopia students mention plants, those plants are quickly ground up, wrapped in paper, and lit on fire.

University of Rockettopia students have responded to the issue with a resounding "What the fuck are you talking about?"