After a mentally disturbed gunman went on a shooting, stabbing, and auto homicide rampage last Friday, leaving seven dead and thirteen injured, America's media responded with a resounding "Meh". Mass Murder, it seems, is no longer news. In a country which, in the last few years, has suffered shootings at Newtown, Aurora, ... pause while I Google this, there are so many... MY GOD THERE ARE SO MANY I NEVER HEARD OF! ... The Sikh Temple, Seattle, Oikos University, IHOP, Tuscon, Fort Hood, Virginia Tech... And those are only some of only the major mass shootings. Clearly, America has become accustomed to gun violence on a large scale, as it seems to be part of daily life now. The United States, as shown by the graph below, has far more gun deaths than any other developed country.

Source: The Washington Post

So it comes as no surprise that CNN being informed of the UCA Santa Barbra shooting sounded something like this: "And now we have some breaking news from California! A shooting spree at UCA Santa Barbra has left seven people dead... Only seven? I thought you said this was breaking news. Sorry for the interruption - we now return to Malaysian Airliner search coverage..."

Political observers predict that, with the frequency of mass shootings in America, Congress will skip the normal attempts to pass commonsense gun control legislation, yelling, and failing to get anything done, and simply continue with (lack of) busness as usual.