With great pomp and circumstance (As well as the song 'Pomp and Circumstance'), Audacity College director of Residential Life Paul Collins deputized the 2016-2017 academic year Residential Advisors, as is commanded by the ancient code. One by one, the new RAs were called up, ceremonially tossed a rag soaked in their own blood on the Eternal Flame, and were assigned their res hall by the Oracle. Each student waited with a combination of exhilaration and horror, knowing that two RAs were going to hear the dreaded words: Lyman Hall. After receiving their assignments, each RA knelt so that Director Collins could formally dub them 'Residential Advisor' with the ancient sword of Samuel de Champlain. With that, the new RAs each left without speaking to begin the day of silent meditation. For twenty-four hours, the new advisors can not eat, drink, speak, or sleep. Only after this period of solitary contemplation can they truly be called 'Residential Advisors', perpetrators of the ancient and arcane order dedicated to the protection of the residents of Audacity College.