Today, the Principal of Rockettopia High School approved the formation of the school's first Religious Clubs. Reporter John Smith talked to the principal.

John: "So why are these clubs allowed?
Principal: "America gaurentees religious freedom for all, so these clubs must be allowed to form. Although they will be using school premises, they will not have access to school funds, and will not give academic credit"
John: "You mean sort of like the Dungeons and Dragons club?"
Principal: "Yes, exactly like the Dungeons and Dragons club."

Among the new religious clubs, one stands out: the Supply Side Economics Club. The Supply Side Economics club, believes that:
1. There is an invisible hand that guides the free market;
2. If we give rich people money and make them exempt from the laws, the invisible hand will be pleased, and the world will become a better place.
Although these beliefs are thought to be bat%#& insane by most of the school, some have latched onto it, especially the richer students.

The race for the Cornpopper article is over! The Supply Side Economics club has won the space with a very large bid. According to some investigative reporters, the Club was helped by the banking giant Chase. Although the sum of money paid to the Cornpopper for the space was not specified, a Cornpopper administrator hinted that it might be more than the annual Gross Domestic Product of Rockettopia. These suspicions were reinforced with the installation of a NASA supercomputer in the Technology Lab, the planned construction of a Particle Accelerator, and the principal's surprise purchase of a luxury yacht.