As ethnic tensions continued to rise across the region, president Obama spoke out on the current clashes in Missouri earlier today, saying that the United States cannot, on its own, bring peace to the United States. Speaking at a press confrence on the White House lawn, Obama reenforced his previously established positions on ethnic conflicts in the third world. "What is happening in America right now is tragic. A minority ethnic group has experienced great oppression by the majority group, and this needs to stop. But the United States cannot intervene in every world crisis, and this conflict is one that I'm going to have to keep us out of. The two communities in Ferguson, and their extensions throughout the country, have had clashes and tensions for over five hundred years, and there is nothing that America can do to solve that. The people of the United States are going to have to sort this out on their own.
Senator John McCain responded to the presidents comments by requesting air strikes on Ferguson, but was unwilling to specify which group would be the target.