In response to the release of Elon Musk's $500 Boring Company Flamethrower, Rockettopia Institute of Technology President Dave released a statement on the legality of flamethrowers on campus reading "Of course not, you fucking idiots. Jesus christ, do I really need to clarify this shit? No. You. Cannot. Have. A. Fucking. Flamethrower. On. Campus."

As a tech school dominanted by nerds with high Intelligence and low Wisdom, RIT has a history of... unusual incidens involving objects so bizarre that no one had even thought to ban them. It's been nearly half a decade and we still don't know where that nuke came from or how he got it onto campus. The space laser from two years ago is still in orbit with no controls, and more concerningly, the drivers haven't been updated to take into account recently-discovered security flaws. And while the ADA forbids RIT from banning prosthetic arms, the administation has cracked down on prostheses containing sound cannons or molecular disruptors.