According to the Rockettopia First Night Board at the town common, this year's Rockettopia First Night ice sculpture has been designed to resemble human feces. The town sculpture - an annual First Night tradition - traditionally represents the overall year. For example, in 2015 the ice sculpture was a deflated football, in 2014 the sculpture was a double feature of an ISIS fighter and a missing malaysian airliner. In 2013, the ice sculpture was originally going to be an exploding pressure cooker, but was changed to Edward Snowden (pardon the pun) after that was determined to be "in terrible taste". In 2012, the ice sculpture was a deflated Mitt Romney.

So, after fully considering what the year 2016 was and represents, and after subsequently spending two days in the mental health ward of the Mary Mallon Hospital, the members of the ice sculpture committee settled on modeling the sculpture off a literal piece of shit. "We considered Donald Trump, obviously, but then we thought about all the other things that happened this year., a committee member told News from Rockettopia. "The Flint Water Crisis, David Bowie, Brussels, Orlando, Alton Sterling, Brexit, Emails, Russian Hacks... And Harambe. Jesus christ, Harambe. It was a shitshow. At first, we considered making the sculpture a dumpster fire, but our sculptor told us he wasn't confident that he could make the flames look right. So we went with an enormous steaming pile of human shit. So we still kinda ended up doing Trump."

Reactions to the sculpture have been mixed. Some residents appriciate the artist's perfect capture of the essence of the year we're leaving behind. Others said that it was 'inappropriate' and 'offensive', and pointed out that it might traumatize children under the age of fifteen who don't know what poop is. However, most people we spoke to appriciated the outside-the-box idea. "It represents the point to which the whole world has been moving this year", one man with a handlebar mustache and a hat told us. "It's a beautiful postmodern satire of our cynical culture of pessimism and effectively deconstructs society's idea of the human spirit. Fascinating!"

We here at News from Rockettopia would like to officially state that we approve of the 2016 sculpture, and we sincerely hope we're still around to see the 2017 sculpture.