As of roughly ten hours ago, the entire town of Rockettopia, along with our neighbors Raiderton and the Grand Duchy of Lincoln-Sudbury is now on lockdown. We would have informed you earlier, but our Internet was knocked out and we were afraid to go out and try to fix it. When we did, we found that the wires were melted and covered with a disgusting sugary substance. We can only speculate, but we assume that this was due to a close call with one of the escaped peeps.

According to reports by those researchers who survived the accident at the University of Rockettopia's Milton S. Hershey Food Science Lab, the peeps escaped the lab after somehow melting their way through two inches of solid steel, and subsequently surviving the five hundred million Gy defensive measure. In less than fifteen seconds, the peeps managed to burrow through the five miles of rock between their underground holding area and the surface. Fortunately, one of the lab techs in the immediate area managed to survive enough to open a communications channel to the main office and let out a blood-curdling scream.

As soon as the University faculty realized that the peeps had somehow escaped their containment unit, the mayor was contacted and a full lockdown of Rockettopia commenced. Citizens have been instructed to stay inside, lock all doors and windows, and avoid being visible to any peeps that might wander by their houses. The mayor took pains to stress that none of these safety precautions would do anything to slow down the peeps, but might make Rockettopians feel safer. "Just like the TSA!", said the mayor.

As of this writing, the lockdown is still in effect. Researchers at the University of Rockettopia, Audacity College, and elsewhere are currently working double-time in an attempt to contain the peep menace. The national guard was briefly called in, but has since fled in panic as they were melted alive by the terrifying marshmallow creatures. If you ever receive another update of News from Rockettopia, it means that we have somehow survived the peep crisis. If not, well...

Good night, Rockettopia, good night.