The Winterfest concert held yesterday by the RHS String Orchestra, Band, and choral groups provoked a backlash from the school administration, who complained that the music performed was "misogynistic" and demonstrated a "saddening lack of cultural proficiency". The music performed jointly by the String Orchestra and Chorale took most of the flak. The first piece put on was 'I'll Make a Man Out Of You' from Disney's Mulan, which the administration slammed for being 'misogynistic'. "The association of masculinity with superior qualities such as strength and courage is something that we do not want to see anywhere at this school," school Political Correctness Supervisor Kristen Geraldstein wrote on the RHS website. "It saddens me that we have this far to go." Speaking about the second objectionable song, 'Holding Out for a Hero' by Bonnie Tyler, Ms. Geraldstein said, "The idea that a woman needs a man to save her belongs in the 20th, no, the 19th century. It's offensive to see the perpetuation of negative stereotypes and our school - I thought our students were better than this."
The administration has stated that, due to Ms. Geraldstein's objections, the student body will not be allowed to hold Winterfest next year.

UPDATE: After discovering that the Winterfest repertoire was laid out by school staff, Ms. Geraldstein amended her statement. It now reads, in its entirety, "Eh, whatever."