Audacity College students were excited and upbeat today for accepted students day, when students who have been accepted for next year come to see whether this is a good school, or one of those boring ones that makes you take actual classes. The undergrads showing off the beautiful campus and fun student life were motivated by a love of their school, a desire to bring fresh meat new faces to campus for next year, and the three dozen snipers hidden around campus. The trained sharpshooters, hired from Rockettopia's own Pucewater Private Security, maintained a careful watch on students, ensuring that the everyday, just-for-fun frisbee games continued all day and that the study groups hanging out in the courtyard kept studying. Any visitor who noticed an unusual red dot on a student's head would be told that "It's just part of her religion! We're a very accepting and multicultural school!"

Audacity is expected to return to its normal mix of gaming nerddom and pot-smoking tomorrow once the acceptees - and snipers - leave.