Residents of Indiana woke up this morning to the creeping, horrifying realization of what they had done last night. "He seemed so appealing!", Indiana resident Gloria Thomessen told News from Rockettopia. "But then, I woke up this morning with a psychotic, power-hungry mummified tangerine and thought 'what the hell did I do last night?'" Apparently, quite a few people agreed with Mrs.. Thomessen, as thousands of Indianans woke up with a similar feeling after getting together with the tall stranger with the expensive-looking toupee and the tiny hands.

"I don't know why I didn't realize at the time," an unidentified Indianan said, "But he's so awful! And I gave him something I never should have!" As of press time, thousands of indianans are wondering if there's anything they can do to partially undo - or at least contain the horrifying damage that they had caused.