Over the last few days, a series of strange, inexplicable sticky notes have been taking over Audacity College. The first one was spotted on a water bottle filling station in the student life center two days ago, and read "Keep Calm and be Body Positive". Within a few hours, similar notes had appeared in a nearby girls' bathroom. They contain messages like "Believe in Your Inner Power" and "Tough Odds just make Victory Sweeter". Yesterday, a dozen more notes were spotted throughout the student life center, and today there have been reports of inspirational quotes, some of them accompanied by images. After one note covered an important sign, a member of the maintenance staff attempted to remove it. According to what he has said since, when he reached to pull down the sticky note he was overcome with a feeling of positivity and self-appreciation. Pulling down the sticky note, he told us, would have been robbing people of the note's enlightening power.

On an unrelated note, a strange man showed up on Wednesday. He wears a bow-tie, and a jacket. He has identified himself as John Smith, and when necessary has always been able to produce an ID, but nobody we spoke to had ever seen him before this week. Mr. Smith has shown a remarkable interest in the sticky-notes; according to one report, he was observed pointing a strange, whirring tool at one of them and murmuring "what are you?"

More on the strange sticky-notes and Mr. Smith as we learn more.