Yesterday, an unnamed student leaked the news that another unnamed student had told her that her friend's boyfriend's best friend had sold his soul to Satan for 1,000 CityCash.

CityCash, the form of currency in the popular Facebook game CityVille, has now become such an important part of the economy that 75% of stores now accept it as legal tender, and news networks issue daily updates on the strength of the CityDollar. "Looking at these facts, it's inevitable that CityCash would become more valuable than the soul.", said the president of the Rockettopia High Economics Club. "I think we can expect to see a lot more of this in the future."

According to the spokesperson for the Psycology club, the soul-less student, who now wanders the hall looking for brains and avoiding glee fans, originally bargained for 10,000 CityCash, but was turned down by Satan, most likely because a soul is only worth so much, and Satan's city doesn't appear to be doing very well. "Anyway", said the spokesperson," this guy didn't have much of a soul. He was in the D&D club, and they're supposed to have an exclusive deal with Boccob."