As a local teenage boy cleaned out his room for a final time in preparation for his move to college, he donated his collection of unusual and exotic rocks to a local daycare. The rocks, which have been whittled down by purges, accidents, and yard sales over the years, were placed in a plastic trash bag. Supposedly, the bag was intended to be destined for the attic, but instead the rocks somehow ended up at a local day-care, where they met lots of new rocks.

However, as fate would have it, the daycare center was actually a prison ruled by the rose quartz fist of a pink bear-shaped rock. After a heart-pounding escape and many adventures, the rocks finally found their way home. Their owner, realizing that his rock-years were behind him, gave them to a young girl who loves rocks as much as he did. As he drove away to college, the rocks silently said goodbye to their old friend as millions of onlookers smiled and cried.