As many of you already know, some people believe that the world will end this Friday. Here are some things to expect relating to this.

In the next four days: Nonstop History Channel end-of-the-world specials. They know that, one way or another, this market is not going to last long.

On December 21st: Nonstop 24-hour news coverage of every little event that might possibly have something to do with the apocalypse. People doing things that they always wanted to do but knew they'd regret.

Moments before midnight, December 21st: A massive crash in Apocalypse stock. Also a big crash in the Mayan Calendar industry.

December 22nd: A lot of people doing emergency Christmas shopping. Also a lot of I-told-you-sos. People regretting the things they did yesterday when they thought the world would end. People burning their Mayan calendars, lawn signs, and bumper stickers. Maybe even a few tattoo removals. All this is assuming we're still here, of course.

January 1st: The fiscal cliff. You know, the actual end of the world.