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Friday, February 12 2016
Audacity College
Parkour Club
As usual, the Audacity College Parkour Club will be holding its weekly meeting on Friday. For those who are not aware, parkour is an atheletic activity that consists mainly of jumping on things. And also off of things. And jumping from one thing to another thing. Sometimes, some of these things are the ground. Parkour is sometimes called 'urban gymnastics', but that name is discouraged because it conjures the image of a bunch of assholes in backwards baseball caps listening to Coldplay, which is the Audacity College Steller School of Business, not the Parkour Club.

All who are intrested in learning parkour are welcome to attend. The bus leaves at 8:45 PM from Ireland.
Thursday Beethoven Night
Due to a clerical error, the Thursday Beethoven Night at the town hall will take place on Friday. It will also take place at the Rockettopia Senior Center lobby - not the Town Hall - at 1 AM and will feature gangster rap instead of Beethoven. The Rockettopia town council apologizes for the errors.