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Sunday, February 21 2016
Antonin Scalia Memorial Extravaganza (cont.)
The memorial extravaganza for the late Justice Scalia will continue, with male, female, gay and straight strippers paying tribute to Scalia via interpritave dance. Scalia will also be celebrated by public gun-meltings and a drive to register minorities to vote. Again, attendees are encouraged to bring their own alcohol, and while cocaine is technically not allowed, if someone was to bring some the security might look the other way.
Jeb Bush Concession Speech

Monday, February 22 2016
Slavoni Troops Arrive in Iraq
The Slavoni expiditionary force that was sent to fight ISIS last year is scheduled to arrive today. The Rockettopia-Slavonistan Society will celebrate by firing the gun on the tank given to us by Slavonistan, which now gaurds the border with Raiderton.