• Q. Isn't News from Rockettopia powered by Blogger?
    A. It used to be, but as of May 2014, we have our own website. The blogger site redirects here now.
  • Q. Where is Rockettopia?
    A. Somewhere in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way.
  • Q. One of your posts offends me.
    A. That's not a question.
  • Q. What should I do if one of your posts offends me?
    A. Stay off the Internet and try to move on with life. There are a lot of things on the web much more offensive than what I write, so if my writing offends you a lot, you might want to avoid computers.
  • Q. I have a story to write! Can you publish it?
    A. It would be amazing to have more contributors! Anyone who wants to literally make the news contact me.
  • Q. Do you have any suggestions for similar news sources?
    A. What you're essentially saying is "Can you recommend any of your competitors that I might like?" That being said, YES! Most people are familiar with The Onion, but if you haven't read it, go do so now. The Onion's affiliate site Clickhole is a great source of interesting information, just like Buzzfeed and Upworthy! The Newslo is also worth checking out - they're the inspiration for the Show/Hide facts button, which I should really ditch already. Also check out The Free Wood Post.
    Finally, I have to give a huge endorsement to Welcome to Night Vale, the best podcast ever made. Subscribe and weep.
  • Q. Do you sell merchandise? A. No, because no one has ever requested any. If you're interested in News from Rockettopia merchandise, CONTACT ME! PLEASE!
  • Q. I want to be a News from Rockettopia informant! A. That's not a question - I just wrote that because I need informants reporters. For those interested in anonymously betraying everyone who trusted you, contact me.
If you have more questions, contact me.